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What's Nearby

Located at Jalan Garuda, which is not only close to business district and tourist attractions, but also neighboring to west Bandung and Cimahi city.

Here are popular places around our hotel.

02 husein airport.JPG

Husein Sastranegara Airport

The nearest airport from our hotel.

Only 10-15 minutes away.

Paskal 23 Mall
& Hypersquare

Paskal 23 is one of the famous business district in Bandung. Perfect for shopping, eating out, or strolling. 

There are plenty of restaurants and food stalls in this area, as well as bar and karaoke.

05 paskal 23 hyper square.JPG
04 sudirman culinary night.JPG

Sudirman Culinary Street

If you are craving for local street food, come and visit Bandung's chinatown at Sudirman Street & Cibadak Street.

Some restaurants provide halal menu.

Bandung Train Station

Train station is accessible from our hotel.

Only 20-25 minutes away

03 bandung station.jpg
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